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Will CBD make me high?

As CBD is non-psychoactive, using it will not impair your mind. The Cannabinoid that causes the feeling of euphoria or “high” is THC. We use Hemp-derived CBD which is bred without THC.

how long does it take?

When dosing a Tincture, expect to feel the effects in 15-45 minutes. The effects will reach their peak at about 90 minutes. If you consume the tincture mixed with food or a drink, the effects will take longer to set in.

How does CBD make me feel?

CBD affects everyone differently, and that contrary to popular belief, CBD is actually a stimulating compound in low doses.

According to the statement issued by BfArm, it is perfectly legal for businesses in Germany to produce and sell Cannabidiol products to whomever who wants to buy CBD, as long as it fits the above-mentioned criteria of less than 0.2% THC / 0.005%THC for intake and if the product was made from European sourced Industrial Hemp. The original statement of the BfArM regarding the legality of CBD in Germany can be found here.

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