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☾ Palo Santo + Rune Stone + Crystal Bundle ☾


☾  Known as "Holy Wood," burn this sacred incense to cleanse your space, purify the air, raise your vibrations and bring good energy to your home, place of practice, objects, or self. ☾ 

Before use, open a window or door. With a match or lighter, light the tip of one of the Palo Santo sticks. Allow for it to burn for a couple of seconds, then blow out the flame. With intention, walk around your space and envision the smoke carrying any negative energy out of the window or door. Use the selenite in a similar manner. Walk around your space with the crystal, setting an intention.

The rock crystal is assigned to the seventh chakra (Sahasrara), which is the crown or crown chakra, which is located in the crown area. The rock crystal is considered a good luck and protective stone for all zodiac signs.

Included in bundle is one palo santo stick for burning, one hand engraved and hand polished Rune stone to be carried with you always for good fortunate and one clear quartz stone bound with rope.

Natural gemstones and palo santo, each product is unique in handcraft and its own characteristics. You will get a similar product as the pictured.

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