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Golden Dragon Tincture


The Dreamers’ Golden Dragon Tinctures contains the fullest plant profile on the market, which allows the full health benefits of the CBD oil to be realised. From the quality of soil the hemp is grown in, to the organic farming techniques, to the gentle extraction process, every possible measure is put in place to ensure the purity and quality of the oil. 

Ingredients: 1000mg Full spectrum hemp, neutral-grain spirit

Product Overview:

  • 30ml Bottle

  • 1000mg CBD per bottle

  • Handmade in Berlin

  • 2018 Harvest Felina 32 Strain with certificate

  • non-psychoactive

    Products derived from manually harvested dried buds of Cannabis Sativa Hemp plants from North-East of Lithania (EU certified hemp farms) THC content in compliance with the limits established by Law 242/16. Products for technical use, research and development, collecting, ornamental or perfume for the environment and in any case for use for obtaining products foreseen by art.

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Golden Dragon - 3D Render.png